Collection: DENIM TEARS

Denim Tears is a fashion brand with a serious message at its heart. Producing garments for a good cause since its birth in 2020, the brand was initially started in an effort to combat racism and oppression in America. Utilising cotton as a primary material in his designs, Emory has disclosed that his conception of Denim Tears was intended to turn America’s age-old perception of the cotton trade – which is rooted in slavery – on its head, by presenting these cotton-based garments in a new light.

Utilising common motifs and symbols throughout his collections, Emory sets out to evoke a message through every product. The motif of a cotton wreath is common throughout Denim Tears’ collections – even seen on the footwear produced in collaboration with Dior – and is intended to symbolise the strife of black people within the cotton trade and in America today.